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Kristy Gall

Director & Licensee

With close to 20 years experience in the settlement industry, Kristy can assure her clients that they will always get professional, skilled and knowledgeable service. Kristy oversees all conveyancing transactions to ensure all checks are done, documents are accurate, conditions met, proceeds distributed as directed and settlements occur on the due date.

While it takes a great deal of passion and dedication to stay on top of the conveyancing game, the exciting focus for Kristy is giving back, so by Alpha serving you, you are also serving others.

Kristy is blessed with a supportive husband who also runs his own business, check him out at and 2 stunning children, that she absolutely adores.


Our People

Wendy Drennan


Wendy has joined Alpha Conveyancing in 2021 and adds experience into the business. She has a strong aptitude for systems and processes and plays an integral part in leading the team to ensure settlements are on track.

Wendy has been in the conveyancing industry since 2004 and is always driven to deliver successful transactions for her clients. She has a deep history in working with property developers and land titles, she is well-equipped to advise clients on specific property matters.

Outside of work, Wendy is wife to a hardworking husband and mother to 3 wonderful children.

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