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At Alpha, we’re here to serve you for all rural property settlements in Western Australia.

Are you looking to buy a lifestyle country property of 1 to 40 acres or more? These properties have the additional working order matters of rain water tanks, water pumps, dams, fencing, sheds, equipment and complex final inspections.

Landholders have many RESPONSIBILITIES AND LEGAL OBLIGATIONS to consider.

The Federal Government makes laws about taxation, trade and commerce and quarantine.

State Government laws govern:

  • native vegetation,
  • water,
  • health,
  • animal welfare,
  • livestock identification and movement,
  • stock diseases,
  • planning,
  • environment protection,
  • movement of plant materials,
  • noxious weeds and
  • vermin.

Local Government laws govern:

  • planning, buildings and improvements, health and neighbourhood disputes.
  • Maintaining health and welfare of your animals,
  • responsible chemical use and farm safety are important requirements.
  • Land managers need to protect water resources,
  • control pest animals,
  • eradicate noxious weeds,
  • conserve soil and
  • avoid contributing to land degradation.

These laws are important to ensure long-term healthy and productive land. Abiding by these laws helps build friendly communities. There are industry-based codes of practice administered by local and state government staff.

Above all, before buying any property, carry out a thorough notification on title check. Alpha Conveyancing will do this for you. They will tell you if there are easement agreements. Are all services (power, water, access and telephone) in place. Is there any carbon, conservation, heritage, or other caveats or covenants?

Be aware of the responsibilities and commitments required living on a rural property. There may be ramifications if these are not met.

Call Alpha Conveyancing & Settlement Solutions on (08) 9371 5005 and get our team working for you to ensure a stress free settlement and we are more than happy to come to you, any excuse for drive to the country.

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With close to 20 years experience in the industry, Alpha Conveyancing remains at the forefront of technology, adopting PEXA’s E-Conveyancing platform. This ensures a more efficient, convenient and streamlined way to complete your property settlement.

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