Family and Related Party Transfers

Are you looking to transfer land ownership within a family?

Let the team at Alpha Conveyancing & Settlement Solutions help you through this process.

The transfer of land ownership within a family – even an extended one – is relatively simple and there are ways to do it where you legally minimize your transfer duty and associated costs. If you’re looking to transfer your property deeds across to a related property, Alpha Conveyancing and Settlement Solutions can help you with any of the following: 

  • Transfer by Consent Orders Divorce/Separation property orders (exempt stamp duty) 
  • Transfer adding spouse to title (exempt stamp duty) 
  • Transfer from brother & sister to brother (stamp duty payable) 
  • Transfer from parents to children (stamp duty payable) 
  • Transfer from owner to family trust (stamp duty payable) 

How much can it cost?

Where stamp duty is payable, a commercial valuation (client cost) or valuation by VGO (no cost) for assessment of stamp duty payable. 

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