Sub Divisions and Vacant Land Conveyancing

We offer a first class service for your vacant land purchases or land sub division.

Vacant Land Transactions

Looking to buy a vacant block of land? Or are you thinking o buying from a Land Developer? Alpha Conveyancing has experience in both property transactions. We’ll work with the relevant parties to ensure that key milestones and timeframes are met. Whether it is your First Home, Dream Home or Investment Property, we’ll treat your property like its our own property.

Land Subdivisions Perth

Do you have a country or city property that is being subdivided? Alpha Conveyancing can help you.

A surveyor prepares the Strata, Survey Strata or Deposited plan and when it reaches approvals at the authorities, a settlement agent is appointed to complete an Application for New titles. If the title is encumbered with a mortgage, the settlement agent assists in obtaining written consent from the clients bank for the subdivision. New titles can have priority issue if the conveyance lodges Loc Sync with the surveyor at Landgate.

Every property sub-division is unique. Alpha can help determine or assist you in uncovering what your objectives are, whether it be to sell, rent, or both, or are you planning a subdivision of your property to sell off part of it? We can then proceed, with your goals in mind and your objectives clearly defined.

Our goal is simple. To ensure a first class service in all aspects of this complicated process. We aim to make it simple and clear for you. Call Alpha Conveyancing on (08) 9371 5005 today and find out how we can help you.

By supporting Alpha, you’ll be making a world of difference for those who need it most.